DIY Mosquito Prevention

DIY Mosquito Prevention: Incorporating Flowtron into Your Outdoor Routine

Flowtron bug zappers keep the bugs at bay for an outdoor experience that is mosquito-free.

If you’ve ever been inside on a hot summer day, you know that mosquitoes can turn a pleasant outdoor experience into an itchy nightmare. Fortunately, with the right outdoor bug zapper and mosquito prevention strategies, you can reclaim your outdoor oasis and enjoy the fresh air, bug-free.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can incorporate Flowtron, a trusted name in mosquito control since 1974, into your DIY mosquito prevention routine.

Understanding the Mosquito Problem

Before diving into mosquito prevention strategies, it’s essential to understand the biology and behavior of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, laying their eggs in containers, ponds, or other water sources. Once hatched, mosquitoes seek out human hosts by detecting our carbon dioxide and body heat.

Their itchy bites not only cause discomfort but also pose health risks by transmitting diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika.

Flowtron’s Role

Enter the Flowtron mosquito killer, your ally in the fight against mosquitoes. These powerful electric bug zappers combine powerful UV light with our patented octenol attractant to successfully lure and attract insects within a radius of up to 1 ½ acres.

Once the insects hit our patented high efficiency killing grid, 5600V of energy finish the job, zapping and killing the bugs on contact. Thanks to our innovative vertical design, insect remains fall straight to the ground for natural reabsorption into the ecosystem.

With no chemicals or insecticides used, Flowtron mosquito zappers are an efficient, effective, and eco-friendly solution to kill mosquitoes.

Incorporating Flowtron into Your Outdoor Routine

When it comes to incorporating Flowtron outdoor bug zappers into your routine, it’s as simple as one, two, three.

  1. Setup
    Installing the Flowtron bug zapper is quick and easy. Simply place the unit in a strategic location, preferably 25 ft away from your outdoor seating area and 6 ft off the ground, and plug it into a power source.
  2. Operation
    Once installed, let the Flowtron bug zapper do its job. The device will attract insects using its ultraviolet light and lure them into its electric grid, where they’ll be zapped and eliminated on contact.
  3. Maintenance
    To ensure continuous mosquito control, it’s essential to maintain your Flowtron bug zapper Regularly clean the unit and replace the mosquito killer lamp and Flowtron mosquito attractant as needed.

DIY Mosquito Control Strategies

While Flowtron bug zappers are a super-effective mosquito control solution on their own, additional DIY mosquito-repellent strategies can take your outdoor enjoyment to the next level.

Consider planting mosquito-repelling plants such as citronella, lavender, or marigolds around your outdoor living spaces. You can also use natural mosquito repellents such as lemon eucalyptus oil or lavender essential oil to ward off mosquitoes.

The Bottom Line

With Flowtron by your side, DIY mosquito prevention has never been easier or more effective. By incorporating Flowtron into your outdoor routine and complementing it with DIY mosquito-repellent techniques, you can create a bug-free environment that you and your family can enjoy, all season long.

Say goodbye to itchy mosquito bites and hello to outdoor bliss with Flowtron, makers of the best bug zappers since 1974.