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Flowtron 80W Indoor Commercial Bug Zapper

Flowtron 80W Indoor Commercial Bug Zapper

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Turn Your Space into a No-Fly Zone!

Say hello to effective, eco-friendly, and economical insect control with the Flowtron 80W Indoor Commercial Bug Zapper. With two high-intensity UV lightbulbs, exclusive reflector panels, and a special fly-attracting pheromone (The Sex Lure), the Flowtron 80W Commercial Bug Zapper makes pesky indoor flies a thing of the past. Flies and other light-sensitive flying insects are attracted by the UV light and sex lure and immediately eliminated as they fly through the patented, electrostatically charged killing grid. Dead insects drop out of sight and out of mind, into a sanitary, removable collection chamber.

Designed for indoor use only, the Flowtron 80W Indoor Commercial Bug Zapper is ideal for use in restaurants, retail food stores, meat-packing plants, or anywhere flies are a threat to health and sanitation codes and the use of toxic chemicals is undesirable.


  • 1200 sq. ft. killing radius
  • Glo-panel reflectors intensify blacklight radiation
  • High-efficiency vertical grid eliminates grid clogging
  • Includes free fly sex lure (pheromone) for increased effectiveness
  • Chrome-plated protective grill enclosure
  • No glue boards required


  • Two high-intensity 40W ultraviolet bulbs
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Meets USDA and FDA guidelines
  • EPA registered
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Space 35 feet apart
  • Removable collection tray
  • Dimensions: 18” L x 15 ¼” W x 5 ¼“ H
  • Made in USA
  • Replacement bulb: FLWBF150SP, FLWBF150
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