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Flowtron 80W Indoor Stun Unit Fly Killer

Flowtron 80W Indoor Stun Unit Fly Killer

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Experience Buzz-Free Living

The 80W Flowtron Indoor Stun Unit Fly Killer incorporates the latest in adhesive board design to ensure a clean, silent capture of flies and other light-sensitive flying pests. The powerful UV light combined with the special Flowtron Fly Sex Lure (pheromone) attract flies, which are instantly captured when they come in contact with our out-of-sight, no-escape adhesive board.

The insect killer’s unobtrusive design perfectly complements any décor, making it ideal for use in restaurants, supermarkets, barns, stables, or anywhere flies are a threat to health and sanitation codes. Keep the bugs out of sight and out of mind with the Flowtron 80W Indoor Stun Unit Fly Killer.


  • 1200 sq. ft. killing radius
  • Low-voltage grid stuns insects
  • Replaceable, hidden no-escape adhesive board
  • Includes free fly sex lure (pheromone) for increased effectiveness
  • Easy bulb replacement


  • Two high-intensity 40W ultraviolet bulbs
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Meets USDA and FDA guidelines
  • EPA registered
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Space 35 feet apart
  • Dimensions: 14 ½” L x 15 ¾” W x 5 ¼” H
  • Made in USA
  • Replacement adhesive: FLWGB470
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