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Flowtron 40W Indoor Sconce Fly Killer

Flowtron 40W Indoor Sconce Fly Killer

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The Flowtron 40W Indoor Sconce Fly Killer combines ultraviolet blacklight energy with our exclusive fly-attracting pheromone (Fly Sex Lure) for an indoor insect control solution that is both effective and economical. Flies and other light-sensitive flying insects are drawn in by the UV light and sex lure and silently eliminated as they come in contact with the hidden, strategically placed adhesive board.

The insect killer’s unobtrusive, appealing design seamlessly matches any décor and is ideal for locations where flies are a threat to sanitation and the use of chemical pesticides is undesirable. Keep your indoor space safe from flies with the Flowtron 40W Indoor Sconce Fly Killer.  


  • 600 sq. ft. killing radius
  • Replaceable, no-escape adhesive board
  • Deflector panels concentrate UV light and prevent UV radiation from fading surfaces
  • Includes free fly sex lure (pheromone) for increased effectiveness
  • Easy bulb replacement


  • One high-intensity 40W ultraviolet bulb
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Meets USDA and FDA guidelines
  • EPA registered
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Space 25 feet apart
  • Dimensions: 14 ½” x 15” W x 5 ¼” H
  • Made in USA
  • Replacement adhesive: FLWGB440
  • Replacement bulb: FLWBF150
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