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Flowtron 120W Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper

Flowtron 120W Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper

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Fly Control, Inside and Out

Introducing the Flowtron Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper, the go-to insect control solution for getting rid of pesky flies and other flying nuisances, indoors and out.

Featuring three powerful ultraviolet lightbulbs, exclusive reflector panels, and fly-attracting pheromones (Fly Sex Lure), the Flowtron Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper is the ultimate bug-killing machine. The UV light and Sex Lure combine to draw bugs in, and our patented 5600V non-clogging killing grid finishes the job on contact. Dead insects drop out of sight into a sanitary, removable collection chamber for easy cleaning. With zero toxic chemicals needed, the Flowtron Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper is the perfect solution for getting rid of flies without harming the environment.


  • 2,000 sq. ft. killing radius indoors
  • 2-acre killing radius outdoors
  • Glo-tube reflectors intensify blacklight radiation for 360° luring power
  • Includes free fly sex lure (pheromone) for increased effectiveness
  • High-efficiency vertical grid eliminates grid clogging
  • No glue boards required
  • Designed for use indoors and outdoors
  • Removable collection tray (vertical mount only)


  • Three high-intensity 40W ultraviolet bulbs
  • Mounts vertically on wall or suspends horizontally from ceiling indoors
  • Mounts vertically from pole (available as accessory) outdoors
  • Space 45 feet apart
  • Dimensions: 26 ¼“ H x 13” diameter
  • Made in USA
  • Replacement bulb: FLWBF130SP
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