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  1. How do Flowtron Bug Zappers work?
    Flowtron Bug Zappers work by combining powerful ultraviolet light with our patented octenol attractant and 5600V killing grid. Flies and other light-sensitive flying insects are attracted by the UV light and octenol attractant and immediately killed on contact with our patented non-clogging killing grid, which is powered by a 5600V transformer. The insect remains, uncontaminated by pesticides, fall down to the ground for natural reabsorption into the ecosystem.

  2. Where are Flowtron products made?
    All Flowtron products are proudly made right here in the USA in our Malden, MA facility!

  3. How does Flowtron Sex Lure work?
    The Flowtron Sex Lure makes your insect killer more effective in luring and killing house flies and garbage flies. The powerful pheromone works 24 hours a day, combining with UV light to attract flies to your zapper.

  4. How does the octenol attractant work?
    Octenol mimics human breath, luring biting insects like mosquitoes toward the mosquito trap and away from you and your family.

  5. Do Flowtron Bug Zappers work during the day?
    Since Flowtron Bug Zappers combine the power of UV light with octenol attractant, they still work in the daylight, though best results are usually seen at night.

  6. Can Flowtron Bug Zappers be used indoors?
    While some Flowtron products are intended for outdoor use only, there are plenty of indoor insect zappers, as well, including the FC8800, FC4900, FC7800, FC7600, and more.

  7. Where is the best place to hang my Flowtron Bug Zapper?
    Your Flowtron Bug Zapper should ideally hang at least 25 feet away from wherever you gather outside and 6-8 feet off the ground, so that the bugs are drawn to the insect zapper, instead of you. Wall brackets are available for purchase on our website.

  8. How long has Flowtron been on the market?
    Flowtron has been in the bug-busting market since 1974!

  9. Is the Flowtron Bug Zapper waterproof?
    Yes, Flowtron Outdoor Bug Zappers are waterproof. They are crafted from rugged, weatherproof polycarbonate that won’t crack, rust, or fade, making it safe to leave out – rain or shine.

  10. Is the Flowtron Bug Zapper safe to use around children and pets?
    The Flowtron Bug Zapper is perfectly safe to use around children and pets! The exterior polycarbonate grid has small openings that are big enough for flies but not big enough for most fingers, and no chemicals are used.

  11. What is the coverage area for a Flowtron Bug Zapper?
    Flowtron Bug Zappers come in a variety of coverage options, from 500 sq. ft., all the way to 2 acres. The coverage area is listed on each product page.

  12. How do I install a Flowtron Bug Zapper?
    For installation instructions for your new Flowtron Bug Zapper, consult the user manual that came with your product. For digital versions.

  13. How long does the Flowtron Mosquito Attractant last?
    Each Flowtron Octenol Mosquito cartridge lasts up to three months. Cartridges are available for purchase on our site replacement cartridges.

  14. What is the ideal height for a Bug Zapper?
    Flowtron Bug Zappers should hang 6-8 feet off the ground.

  15. Where can I find replacement parts and accessories for my Flowtron Bug Zapper?
    Replacement parts and accessories for your Flowtron Bug Zapper can be purchased on our website replacement parts and accessories.

  16. Where can I learn more about Flowtron and its products?
    Learn more about Flowtron at Flowtron.com!

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